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DESCRIPCIONThe jigsaw puzzle is a game that consists of forming an image based on loose pieces cut into different shapes so that they fit together. In each piece you can only see a small part or fragment of the final figure. There are other types of puzzles such as similar but very disordered pieces, three-dimensional with various materials such as wire and wood, with specific shapes such as Rubik's cubes and Tetris and there are also online puzzles. PUZZLES ARE A HOMEMADE, ENTERTAINING HOBBY FOR ALL AGES It is highly appreciated by children and useful in teaching and in the cognitive development of the little ones. For adults there are puzzles of enormous complexity, with thousands of pieces, which can take hours or days to complete. They are also used as a stimulus and distraction in older people with some cognitive impairment. Although it is considered a pastime, it can become a hobby, if practiced regularly and with real enthusiasm. You can participate in championships. There are courses to learn how to do puzzles. Another possibility is to build the puzzle yourself. There is a certain puzzle element to the more complex Lego builds.

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